AbbVie / Supply Chain

  • branding
  • UI/UX Design
  • prototyping
  • Interaction Design

Project Goal: As a leader in the pharmeceutical industry, AbbVie wanted to create the first-ever supply chain app with the power to track a shipment from the warehouse to the patient's hand. In order to do this, the app had to track every touchpoint of the supply chain process and provide real-time data and verification.

Approach: At the time (2015), counterfeit medicines were a big issue in the United States, with over 40% of all medicines being counterfeit, and an alarming 60% in Europe. Pharmaceutical companies were tasked to create apps that could check products and confirm they had not been tampered with. AbbVie's goal was to be the first company to do that. I worked with the team at AbbVie for six months, starting with ideation sessions with the main stakeholders involved in all aspects of the supply chain process - including warehouse workers, managers, customer service reps and sales reps - to identify the main pain points their customers were having. I started by creating prototypes of the app which I reviewed with the project team on a weekly basis. I then turned the approved prototytpes into high fidelity designs for both Android and iOS. I focused on designing a simple UI that could be easy to understand and navigate.

Solution: An iOS iPad app that could scan any AbbVie product barcode and track shipment and storage temperature, all the way to making it to the doctor's office or store counter. It is also able to provide specific error messaging letting customers know if the medicine is counterfeit, and what steps the customer needs to take to get it replaced. It is still a succesful app, gaining positive reviews on both iOS and Android stores.