John Deere / Tillage Mobile

  • branding
  • UI/UX Design
  • prototyping
  • Interaction Design

Project Goal: Knowing the world population will triple in the next 10 years, Deere wanted to create an app that could help increase food production and farming productivity by allowing farmers to control and maintain their Deere machines from anywhere, allowing them to continue their daily work no matter the weather conditions or the current health of the farmer. This meant always harvesting on time, and an increase in food production and profitability.

Approach: I started by understanding the current use cases. I flew to Iowa to meet with Deere's team which included designers, developers and other subject experts. While visiting their test field, I was able to ride the tractors with actual farmers who used them daily, and relied on the in-cabin screens to monitor, control and track the tractor's activity. I asked them questions regarding the most common daily tasks, and collected feedback that was essential to understading the current experience and where the main pain points were. I created prototypes for the app UI and tested them with users and Deere stakeholders to ensure all requirements were met, for both the business and the user.

Solution: An iOS iPad app that used their main brand colors and common UI elements like the color of action buttons, proprietaty fonts and their signature background pattern to keep their branding the same as in existing apps. The app uses WiFi and Bluetooth technology to connect to the user’s My John Deere account, as well as the capability to still perform offline. In addition, we added a page for managing subscriptions, which are needed to keep the machines running and provides access to Deere's 24/7 customer support.