mobile supply chain app

My Role:
UX research and design, creation of all UX documentation (journey maps, wireframes, prototypes, annotated specs), testing, prototyping, and development overview.

Design an iOS/Android app that can scan and authenticate AbbVie medicines like Humira, and ensure there are no counterfeit versions delivered to doctors or patients. There were no authentication apps that could provide 100% authentication in 2015. AbbVie’s goal was to be the first pharmaceutical company to create such app, and lead the industry in fighting counterfeit drugs and their consequences.  

Discovery and Ideation: met with AbbVie management to understand the lifecycle of how medicines are packaged, transported and delivered. Ran ideation sessions with employees that are part of the product lifecycle to understand what their daily activities look like, and identify current pain points.

Iteration: created journey maps, wireframes, and prototypes to test and validate initial app design, and content. Identified new content and categories to make the app more robust. High-res designs in Sketch and for final app.

Delivery: the first app of its kind, able to authenticate with 100% accuracy any AbbVie medicine, no matter where it is in the product lifecycle, and deliver peace of mind and safety for both AbbVie customers and medical industry partners.

You can see the final version of the app on iTunes and Google Play.



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