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My Role:
UX research and design, creation of all UX documentation (journey maps, wireframes, prototypes, annotated specs), prototyping, development overview.

Design an app for John Deere customers, which will allow them to manage and control their equipment by using their iPhone or iPad. Giving people the power to control and manage their farming equipment from anywhere, anytime.

Discovery and Ideation: met with John Deere designers to understand the brand. Discussed app vision with Deere management to understand the goal of the app. Ran brainstorming and ideation sessions to identify and tackle pain points in the existing equipment-maintenance process and experience.

Iteration: created journey maps, wireframes, and prototypes to test and validate initial content and hierarchy structure. High-res designs in Sketch and



Delivery: a robust app that delivers an easy and intuitive UI for all John Deere customers, delivering the ideal experience and tools to control your equipment from anywhere.

You can see the final version of the app on iTunes.


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