hyatt apple watch app

My Role:
UX and concept design for Apple Watch app, as well as design and development of promotional microsite.

Hyatt was an existing partner of Slalom. Slalom had developed an iPhone app for them, and was looking for ways to provide additional support for the app and cement the partnership. The Apple Watch 2 was slated to come out in a few months, so I decided an Apple Watch concept design would be a great way to enhance the existing mobile experience.

Research and Design: researched the existing iOS app, usability and user feedback. Discovered main functionality and ways to use the watch as an extension of those main functions, like valet, parking, and amenities map. Following iOS Apple Watch Design Standards, I created a prototype using the Apple Watch as a template to show how it would work with the iPhone version and ways to enhance the experience.



Delivery: a full InVision Apple Watch prototype which allowed the user to open their hotel door, ask for valet, and discover activities within the hotel and surrounding areas only using the watch. This made the existing iPhone app stronger and more robust, and gave users a new way to navigate the hotels and experience the app.



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