tribune e-commerce ux design & strategy

My Role:
UX strategy and design, responsive web design, art direction and implementation management.

Tribune, the nation's largest publishing company, was in the process of rebranding and re-designing their digital assets like newspaper sites and mobile apps. As an umbrella company with over 42 newspapers and 23 broadcast networks, there was no shortage of content, history and promotional products being created and archived. Tribune wanted to create an e-commerce platform that could work for all newspaper sites and partner brands to sell locally-branded products. They wanted it to be responsive, fluid, and clean enough were any brand could create and maintain their own version easily and quickly.

Design and Strategy: using Magento CE as the e-commerce platform, I designed a responsive template that could be rebranded for each market. I created a style guide which was shared with all markets and content managers letting them know what the look and feel of the site should be. I trained over 25 content managers on Magento CE, how to upload, update and manage the content of their site.

Delivery: a fully responsive e-commerce website strategy and template used by Tribune newspapers like LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel, Sun Sentinel, among others. The same design, structure and content hierarchy I implemented in 2014 is still in place today.

You can see the template design today on all Tribune sites, including the Chicago Tribune and LA Times.

I’ve also designed and created responsive e-commerce sites for friends like ABS Boards in Michigan, and ZipFit Denim here in Chicago.



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