tribune trivia app campaign

My Role:
Art direction, UX, illustration, print and online advertising, branding and motion graphics.

Tribune created an awesome trivia app as a fun way to share history, fun facts and secrets about Chicago. Once the app launched, there was little engagement from users, so they needed a way to promote the app in a more captive way, as well as find new ways to reward and retain users. The second goal was to use the app and campaign to increase digital subscriptions for the newspaper.

Design and Strategy: the campaign needed to be multi-platform, using all of Tribune’s print and advertisement assets. This included creating ads on CTA buses and trains, animated ads for TV and online, and a weekly leaderboard print ad on the newspaper, which had a companion website. I also designed billboards which were placed around the city. The goal of the leaderboard ad in the newspaper was to follow the usual gaming experience, which includes being able to see your tag on a leaderboard if you are among the top players of a game. This idea of a mobile app working with print assets was used to try and create a seamless print to digital experience.  

Delivery: a multi-platform campaign which generated an average of five hundred new app downloads and unique weekly users, as well as generating an increase in digital newspaper subscriptions.




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