SAP Asset Manager

  • Information architecture
  • UI/UX Design
  • Prototyping
  • UI Kit Design

Project Goal: SAP partnered with Apple to create the world's first mobile native iOS application that supports maintenance technicians to perform their job with complex information and business logic that is always available, even in offline environments.

Approach: Collaborated with SAP's network of UX designers in Palo Alto, Budapest, Dublin, Frankfurt, and Toronto. Lead weekly review meetings to discuss wireframes, interactive prototypes, use cases, and flows. We worked together on creating SAP's Design language called Fiori, which uses iOS components together with SAP brand colors and iconography. Worked designers at Apple to review Fiori components and overall app design.

Solution: A robust app which combines the power of SAP/4HANA and iOS functionality, as well as augmented reality and offline navigation and alerts. The app helps reduce dowtime and maintenance backlogs, extends and improves asset life and reliability, and turn capital spending into operational investments.