Chicago tribune / Trivia App

  • Illustration
  • Multi-Platform Advertising
  • Branding
  • Motion Graphics

Project Goal: Chicago Tribune is a hundred-year old institution, known and loved in the city of Chicago. As the city's main newspaper it has collected millions of historical facts. As a way to connect it's history and brand with a younger audience, the newspaper created a trivia game app.

Promoting the app: As Tribune's first mobile game app, the goal was to bring in more customers and also connect to a younger audience. In order to connect with audiences of all ages, I created very colorful and bright illustrations depicting the app inside a phone and placed inside the city of Chicago to symbolize its core content. The idea was to get everyone in the city, newspaper subscribers and non-subscribers, excited about Chicago history and the wealth of knowledge and history the newspaper offers. I created ads for print, billboards, CTA trains and buses, train cars, a motion graphics video for train platforms and TV, and animated online ads. I used Colonel Tribune as the mascot to tie it to the printed newspaper and also add some humor to an otherwise known as a very serious brand.

Results: The multi-platform campaign resulted in a 70% increase on weekly app downloads, and a 30% increase in newspaper subscriptions for print and online. To connect with gamers, we also ran a weekly full-page leaderboard ad giving props to our top players, so that they could enjoy and share their accomplishments with friends and family. The feedback from app users was very positive.